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- Early Scan (<11w)

- 11 - 14 weeks scan

- 18 - 24 weeks scan

- Late scans (>28w)

- Fetal Head/cranium

Fetal Heart

Fetal Abdomen

- Fetal spine/limbs

-Electronic FHR montoring and Non-stress test

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Obstetric and Gynecology Atlas and Gallery

Hundereds of carefully categorized obgyn illustrations, and real life ultrasound scan images and clips from clinical practice with desription, user comments lightbox..etc.

Fetal scan is concerned with more detailed scan of fetal organs, the objective of this "hand-book" website is to give detailed ultrasound anatomy of "normal" fetal organs, I will not list down those fancy rare findings and terms, but you should be able -after going through this website and the affliate OBGYN Atlas and Gallery- to identify a fetus or fetal organ that is simply "NOT" normal, further more you will be able to describe the abnormality identified, however fitting it into a syndrome is not the objective of this website: